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April 20, 2018

ZONE History & Facts

Est. August 24, 1995

Where were you on August 24, 1995?  If you were in the media industry, travel & leisure, Convention & Visitors Bureau or in any other walk of life that might want to know about San Diego’s newest cutting edge family entertainment venue then you would have received one of these.

If you were at The ZONE that night then email us at and we’ll reminisce and get you down here for free game play.

ZONE Moments- Tales of the ZONE

Amazing & Entertaining Anecdotes

ULTRAZONE creates and hosts “Worlds I- The First International Laser Tag Tournament August 2-7, 2003. We introduced this event to the world Thrilling action 5 consecutive nights from 11pm to 6am.

Laser Tag Game Play Elevating Your Score

How To Impress Your Friends

OMG please at least fire your phaser and we mean a lot. So the deal is that everyone’s accuracy typically sucks. We’re talking accuracy of 20% or less. So let’s think this through: 1-if you don’t fire your phaser then you can’t tag anyone and 2-even when you do fire the phaser you’re miss what your trying to tag most of the time so 3- fire your phaser maybe 400-500 times and you’ve got a better chance of getting some points

Friends Of the ZONE

Faces and Personalities

OMG what’s up with these bunnies? Their origin and significance are the stuff of ZONE Legend. The problem is we misplaced the archival documents explaining all of this. Anyway they signify our elevated level of social consciousness- that there is no gender bias in our laser tag game play (really?? bunnies- gender bias?). They basically amuse the hell out of us! Both luv the game and are equally irreverent in their sarcastic comments. Also both have major issues with “ZONE Clown.”