So this category is to make certain that you are aware that we host all types of social groups.  Sometimes it is a simply group of friends who want to know if they can make a reservation to play.  Often there is a celebration – birthday, reunion, family event etc.  Recently, we have hosted increased reservations for bachelor and bachelorette celebrations- we leave to your imagination to picture those moments

At other times it is a more organized group, for example a “Meet-Up” group or club, that organizes social events on a regular basis  Putting modesty aside, which not very difficult for us, we develop long standing relationships with these groups.  They love to play and we get really excited to see them.  NOTE a major shout out to the Meet up Group- “Active Lifestyle Nerds” with whom we have a many year mutual love affair.

Contact us and choose Celebration/Social Group under the Group event category or or phone us 619/221-0100 and as for a manager.