So you checked out our impressive list of business groups that have thrilled to the ULTRAZONE experience. We realize that it’s quite impressive (I mean otherwise we wouldn’t have listed them-right?).  Hopefully we’ve lowered your skepticism and raised your expectation above where it was a few minutes ago.

So the first  task at hand is to have you even visualize your business associates playing laser tag.  You’re probably thinking 1- “there’s no way this guy or that woman is ever going to play” or 2- “I’m the one organizing this and if it sucks I’ll never hear the end of it” or 3- “I played laser tag years ago and it was nasty.”

That’s what you think is going to happen and this is what actually is going to happen

It’s dark,  fog swirls, music pounds, shadows come to life, screams of laughter fill the air. It’s laser tag in the nocturnal underground city of the far future- ULTRAZONE where you Play the Game That Will Change your Life

  • Enter The ZONE- where you are transported to an amazing themed environment where cutting edge technology is combined with action-oriented team play to create an exciting, heart-racing experience.
  • Watch your fellow colleagues suddenly materialize out of the shadows as you conquer a multi-level landscape of mazes and passageways filled with electronic wonders, robotic challenges, and pulsing music.
  • You’ll be thrilled with excitement as you and your teammates work together to score points, capture your opponents’ bases, and encounter dozens of dazzling interactive game elements.

Some other details

  • You get a full Briefing from one of our impressive and engaging staff
  • We supervise all the games and even help you get a good score (if you listen to our suggestions)
  • Everyone gets a comprehensive scorecard that details your game play
  • We also have a comprehensive Team building Program- of course we do- so check that out
  • We are pleased to assist with food, beverage and local transportation

So now all you have to do is contact us and request additional information.

Also, as you might imagine we’re extraordinarily helpful on the phone so we really encourage you call us at 619/221-0100 and ask for an Group Event Manager.

Oh, one last item– get ready to have your popularity surge at work as everyone loves you for organizing the event at ULTRAZONE.  You’re welcome- it’s our pleasure.