ULTRAZONE Laser Tag is a highly respected local as well as national resource for group events.

So you’re probably thinking…c’mon that sounds like a massive statement of self- promotion.  What are you kidding- of course it is, we’re trying to get you to visit.  However in a world filled with offensive and misleading advertising, we offer you the opportunity to experience the purity of the true word– and the true word is that we are the real deal!

First, our staff is renowned for their friendly and incredibly engaging personalities.

No kidding here- they will genuinely impress you with their communication and game play facilitation skills.  They have also been known to disclose “the secrets of ULTRAZONE game play!”

Second, our game play system is extremely versatile.

We vary game formats so that the game objectives always remain exciting and then we can also divide groups into game play teams from solo to eight.

Third, we can go way BIG for groups with our huge laser tag arena and massive party event area.

We invite you to Enter The ZONE our fully themed nocturnal city of the far future- “Play the Game That will change Your Life!”