The Equipment

ULTRAZONE features the most advanced laser tag system in the country. Introducing enhanced game elements unique to the West Coast that exist in only two other sites in the USA. Check out our – Arena Targets, Game Stations, Cyborg, and Particle Accelerators.

Ready to Elevate your Game


ULTRAZONE offers the most exciting and cutting edge laser tag game in San Diego combined with a world renowned game arena experience along with unsurpassed customer service to deliver one of the finest venues for family entertainment in the country.

Simon Willetts, President, Zone Laser Tag


Game Stations

Game Stations, another ULTRAZONE exclusive, power up you game.  Approach a Game Station, touch the monitor and it will immediately recognize and display your Pack Name and offer you one of 5 Player Powers.

  • Hyper-Mode lets fire your laser twice as fast and  recover twice as fast when you’re tagged.
  • Shields requires you to get tagged a huge 10 times to be deactivated.
  • Invincibility makes you invulnerable to tags for 10 seconds.
  • Stealth gives the illusion that your pack is off because all the pack lights are dark.
  • Relay Bounce is amazing. When you tag a player, his or her pack absorbs your laser signature and then uses it to tag other players and a chain reaction occurs with  you getting all the points.


Arena Targets

Laser Arena Targets are a game element unique to ULTRAZONE.  Over 50 of them are hidden throughout the Arena.  They are usually set for points but we can make them player powers too.  We program them the targets in various ways to “torment” you. We regularly change how often they cycle to activity, how long they stay active, and how many tags it takes to capture them.  Lately they’ve been worth anywhere from 500 to 5,000 points and it only takes a single tag to capture them.  They will flash a color to indicate their value. With single tag, targets flash white to indicate capture.  For a big time score players stay alert for hidden laser targets.


The Laser

Our lasers feature Green Laser beams that “light up” the entire Arena. A screen on the back of the laser details your pack name and all the activity in the game.  Players are told who they are, what state they are in, and who tagged them.  Also, you’ll never be confused if you tag another player because their vest lights up in your vest’s color.


The Vest

Most laser tag is played with 2 teams which means two colors. Boring; we know. ULTRAZONE’s laser tag can play up to 8 teams at once, which means our vests support 8 different colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Cyan, and Orange). While we most often play 3 teams where you have 2 opponents for extra thrill we can instantly increase the number of teams to support groups of any size in any particular game. On another fun note we change the colors every week.

Our laser game vests provide crystal clear game instructions to players via shoulder speakers, so you can get game tips while you play. This is a great help to new players as it will let them know if their base is under attack and other important game information.