Friends with Benefits Program

ULTRAZONE opened in 1995- 24 years ago.  Over the years we have developed an identity as fun, outgoing, dependable, and engaging- like a good friend.. We’ve had millions of people play and have developed generations of lasting friendships. We realize that being a friend of ULTRAZONE is its own reward- thrill, laughter etc; but then we thought “Hey let’s give all of our friends some great benefits and then make some new ones along the way!”

Be Our Friend and Get the Benefits

So that’s the deal. Simply identify yourself or your group as wanting to be a Friend of ULTRAZONE and you will become part of the “ULTRAZONE Friends with Benefits Program.”

So what’s a benefit- good question.  Here are some of the benefits we have in mind so far:

  •  Birthday Party Package Special Deals & Features
  • Group Event Hourly Rental discount – Exclusive Use of the facility
  • Corporate/Business Events- Add our Team Building Program for you event at no additional charge
  • “Special” Group Event game play discount
  • Non- Profit Groups (Churches, Synagogues, Youth Sports Teams Etc)- Reduced pricing and leaders play free
  • College sororities, fraternities and organizations- Special event reduced pricing
  • Creative pricing for Fundraising Use of ULTRAZONE

Just complete the information below. We are absolutely not going to pester you with pathetic and annoying messages. You will only get a message telling you of your Benefit. We will simply inform you of your requested Benefit and some fun new ones.