Since 1995 (that’s correct almost 25 years) over 4 1/2 million players have boldly or actually sometimes not so boldly made the choice to “Enter The ZONE.”  Year after year ULTRAZONE remains among the elite laser tag facilities in the USA.  Are you ready to take the challenge and feel the thrill?  Below we offer a hint of what awaits you as you Play The Game That Will Change Your Life!

1Stage 1The Lobby

The ULTRAZONE Experience Begins the Moment You Walk in the Door.

Massive rock pieces loom out from above, metal superstructure protrude from below, bizarre energy spools with an unknown purpose, upper cave entrances reach out and offer a glimpse into the environment that awaits you.  Strange lighting patterns tease you with anticipation of the adventure that is about to take place as you start your laser tag experience.   You are guided towards a wall and told your adventure will now begin- yet there is no door- or is there…

YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE subterranean city of the far future.

2Stage 2The Briefing Room

Before You Can Begin,
You Must Be Prepared.

The lighting is dimmed & the temperature is dropping as you begin your decent into the city below.  Your fellow adventure seekers join you.  The door closes- you embrace the challenge as your guide offers critical information to maximize your thrill.  Watch & listen.  Which of your comrades will be your ally… which your enemy?

3Stage 3The Vesting Room

Your Laser Game Equipment- The Most Advanced in The World

Amid a startling array of flashing lights you encounter laser tag equipment that must be from the far future.  You slip on your team vest and buckle the front-  They told you to wear black and now you know why .The laser, sometimes called a phaser, is amazingly transparent.  You test your grip- two hands on the laser to insure accuracy.  You check the back of your laser for your special identity for this game- Katniss, Iron Man, Cartman.  You can feel the energy build.  Last minute strategies are made while players laugh and scream with excitement. A Game Master initiates the game sequence – every pack in the vesting room comes alive. You feel an inconceivable surge of adrenaline. The doors to The ZONE open- The Adrenaline Playground awaits.

4Stage 4The Arena


Enter our internationally acclaimed 5,000 square foot laser tag arena of multi-level play.  You are immersed in a fog-filled, black lit environment packed with mazes, passageways, ramps and obstacles enhanced by incredible forced perspective graphic art and a massive sound system.  Each laser game typically lasts 15 minutes, and – you are in the game the entire time.  You can fire your laser hundreds of times.  Get tagged and your pack “deactivates” for a few seconds and then you’re up and ready to go.  Beware the Particle Accelerators and the Cyborg.  Capture them and they are your ally; let them go and become your enemy.  During your game, seek out and tag as many of our 50 hidden Arena Targets as you can to boost your score and connect with Game Stations for special player powers.  You are In The ZONE!

View the arena in 360 DegreesView the arena in 360 Degrees

See it for yourself.