About ULTRAZONE Laser Tag

Since 1995, laser tag at ULTRAZONE has been the pinnacle of high tech entertainment for children and adults in San Diego, combining cutting-edge technology with action-oriented team play. This is a true group activity — you and your teamates are the game! Following an instruction session, players are generally grouped into 3 to 8 teams. With adrenaline flowing, players then enter The ZONE, a one-of-a-kind, multi-level laser game arena.

Once inside, the players have to maneuver through an incredible blacklit environment of mazes and passageways, enhanced by forced-perspective dimensional graphic art, a massive sound system, and theatrical fog. Players score points by laser tagging opponents bases and seeking out over 50 hidden Arena Targets; while being challenged by robotic game elements.  Fully interactive Game Stations that offer players special powers can be found throughout the arena to further the thrill  of game play. There is laser tag and then there is ULTRAZONE laser tag gaming experience.

Here’s a sheet that summarizes life at ULTRAZONE.

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