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Upcoming Excitement, Events & Special Hours


We know that you have been experiencing high degrees of irritability, some serious discontent, and even periods of genuine lonely isolation from being deprived of the real news and updates from The ZONE. Well, your problems are solved. Not all of your problems of course; in fact compared to the rest of the problems you may have, solving these few could seem rather insignificant. Nevertheless, below you will find an ever-changing selection of tasty morsels to keep you informed of the events, both real and imagined, occurring at ULTRAZONE Laser Tag San Diego.

 Check back for special events and hours




ULTRAZONE Is Hiring For Weekends

Time to earn some $ and have an exciting time!



ULTRAZONE Recognized As Leader In Verbal Communication

As the ability and desire to use spoken communication rapidly disappears, ULTRAZONE’s continued preference for talking AND listening continues.  You can count on us to  encourage you to participate in verbal interpersonal communication- that’s right the old one-on-one conversation. 

Respecting that you would prefer to use 5 or 6 email exchanges to get the answer to one simple question, we will patiently assist you in your struggle to use the spoken word.  All of us here are marvelous at talking, and actually many of us are downright entertaining. 

We will help you cross the bridge from a land of verbal social isolation into a world of enjoyable conversation.  Let us be your guide through this fear and join us in the joy of talking. 

Talk soon . . . we hope!  619/221-0100- uh, FYI this is actually a  “land line” phone used for talking. 



Fogg Man Materializes

A staggering moment in the vaunted history of The ZONE.  On Halloween evening we were faced with yet another extraordinary encounter.  Stay alert for additional reports as this entity, affectionately dubbed  “Fogg Man” acclimates and immerses itself in the The ZONE Arena and the game!




National Sarcasm Society Award of Distinction

We were recently honored by the National Sarcasm Society at the their annual convention for over 2 decades of cutting edge product presentation.  Our cynical banter was recognized as an industry leader in both print and verbal communication.  We mean . . .like get serious,  no real suspense here-  who else is going to take down the victory?.  Of course we deserved the excessive fawning adulation, so whatever!




The Crushing Agony Of Personal Regrets

We face these moments in our own silent reflection



Played Tag With Your Colleagues Lately?. . . Why Not?

The business community continues to turn to the nocturnal world of ULTRAZONE for their major event needs. Our San Diego corporate event and team building program has really reached new levels of popularity. We continue to be flattered by the letters of appreciation and complimentary comments that come our way.



The Mystery of the Crystal Jewel- New Arena Discovery

A new Arena element was recently unearthed during a routine investigation of the underground city. The 2 locations of the elements have been mapped, We will offer more insights at your next visit to the ZONE.



The Unknown Player Returns

It’s is back- after a prolonged and unexplainable absence.  Where has this player been and most importantly- why has it returned now?  Look for it! challenge it!



Bases Are Now Lit!

Having trouble finding your opponents’ bases? We’ve taken pity on your lack of skills and added flashing lights to indicate the color of each base.

So absolutely no more whining “I couldn’t find the bases!”

“The Gateway” Is Discovered



“The Gateway” was recently discovered during a routine exploration of the Eastern portion of The ZONE (The Subterranean City of the Far Future). As the ZONE squad approached a darkened area, Iron Doors suddenly opened revealing a “Gateway” into a large fog filled grotto, with a series of paths leading to the surface of the planet. Later, as the squad reentered The ZONE, the Iron Doors closed behind them indicating that “The Gateway” can only be opened from the interior! Further exploration is planned



LATE NIGHT AT THE ZONE- Just Got a Little Less Late 

A Late Night Legend in San Diego now starts earlier!   ALL GAMES $6.50! 


Another ZONE tradition this year . Hey college people; buy 2 games at regular price and get the 3rd game free! Just our way of helping the “starving student.”



 College Sororities and Fraternities-


College Greeks have been using ULTRAZONE as a venue for “Rush Events,” “Bid Nights,” “Date Nights” etc. You want to have a great chapter night out, but money is always tight so go ahead and MAKE US AN OFFER WE CAN’T REFUSE! We know this sounds crazy but we’re encouraging you to just tell us what you think is reasonable in your House budget and we can go from there. Remember we’ve hosted events with over 100 players so we’ll be able to accommodate your entire group.




After removing more gum from the lobby and briefing room carpet than you could even possibly imagine (we’re talking many hundreds of ugly carpet gum messes each year), we’ve decided that WE’RE DONE WITH GUM.  That’s right you and your gum will have to part company BEFORE you enter ULTRAZONE.  There’s a really nice, large cement trash receptacle near the front door, so just gear yourself up to spit that bad boy into the can.

 So remember gum and ULTRAZONE don’t mix!

Gum Free Zone Laser Tag Arena - Ultrazone