Our hours of operation are sort of interesting.  So we’ll clarify a few things.

First, yes we state the hours below like you’d see in the window of a business.

Second, we have lots of groups that book events before we open and after we close.  Private group event reservations hourly rentals are affectionately referred to as  OWN THE ZONE events, where we are closed to the public.

Third, when we are open to the public, we really and truly are open. That means anybody can come down and play.  You do not need a reservation and it doesn’t matter what else is going on we are ready for “WALK-IN PLAY”.  We also are competent in full telephone interaction, so phone us with any questions.




February Special Hours





Mon–Thurs:    4pm  – 10pm
Friday:            2pm  – Midnight
Saturday:      10am – Midnight
Sunday:         10am – 10pm



June 15, 2020 through August 28, 2020
Mon–Thurs:     2pm  – 10pm
Friday:              2pm  – Midnight
Saturday:        10am – Midnight
Sunday:           10am – 10pm

Remember we are ready to open 24 hours a day 365 days a year (which sounds great but is totally not going to happen) for your special OWN THE ZONE group event. Call a manager for details (619) 221-0100



No reservations are necessary

Groups reservations are available. So what is the definition of a “group” anyway, you ask.  Well the answer is: it sort of depends on the kind of mood we are in, so phone us and ask to speak to a manager.



Voice Mail- ugh!
While we open later in the day weekdays during non-summer months, we are always around the facility. We try to directly answer every phone call during the day, even before we open, because we know that everybody hates voice mail. For this reason we have made our voice mail very entertaining, filled with enthusiasm and valuable information. For those painfully impatient among you, just hit the # key as soon as the voice mail starts and you can leave a message. If you do get voice mail, it’s because we are assisting another devoted ZONE friend, whose needs, while less important than yours, are nevertheless also very important. WE ALWAYS RETURN ALL PHONE CALLS, so no making up tales that we never called you back.


All guests must be at least 7 years old to play

Here’s a fun fact. We have this age restriction policy in place because we actually do follow it without exception. What a shock don’t you think, for a business to have a policy and then expect it’s patrons to follow it. Now we realize that many of you float through life within a narcissistic cloud of “well, what about my needs?”

We are here to help free you from this self-absorbed prison. So when you ask us in the lobby if your 5 year old can play, prepare yourself for us to remain incredibly consistent and to say, “No you have to be 7 years old to play ULTRAZONE.”

Please note that to this date we have received over 1475 favorable reactions on the hilarity of the above statement versus 4 negative ones.  We welcome the 1476th reaction not so much the 5th

“Notice To All Players”

ULTRAZONE Health & Safety Statement

This notice is posted in our lobby and offered below.  Please contact a manager prior to your visit with any questions regarding game play. 


UZ-Safety Notice

Here is a PDF of the Notice to All Players.


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