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ULTRAZONE was forced to close at the California "Stay-At-Home" order on March 15th, with no indication of when laser tag would be permitted to reopen. Almost 7 months later the situation remains completely unchanged- laser tag is still not even remotely close to being permitted to reopen. The painful and sad reality we face is that even at some mythical reopening in 2021 or later, State of California COVID-19 guidelines specific for laser tag would make it impossible for us to continue to provide the thrilling ULTRAZONE experience you’ve come to love. Remember: the packed Lobby; the Briefing Room, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with eager friends, new and old; the Vesting Room loaded with excitement; the Arena filled with dozens of laughing, screaming players; the Party Area teeming with birthday guests? Rather than dishonor the amazing legacy of The ZONE, after 25 wondrous years it is time to say farewell.

While our run is ending, we'll never forget the fun!

Thanks for all the great times.

Got a fun ULTRAZONE story to tell or compliment to offer?

Now is the time!

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We'll always share in the nostalgia with you.

National Sarcasm Society Award of Distinction

We were recently honored by the National Sarcasm Society at the their annual convention for over 2 decades of cutting edge product presentation.  Our cynical banter was recognized as an industry leader in both print and verbal communication.  We mean . . .like get serious,  no real suspense here-  who else is going to take down the victory?.  Of course we deserved the excessive fawning adulation, so whatever!

Governor Newsom Feels Our Pain!

The “Gov” got crazy active on his social media about our closing- we appreciate the heartfelt sentiment


A Peek Inside The ZONE- What It Was Like For Us To Be Here !

It’s only been a few days since we posted our closure, but we really feel beloved!   While all of us at The ZONE have now headed into the “fog” forever, the outpouring of heartfelt sentiments on social media served as  the many goodbye hugs we did not get to experience.

We, who are forever a part of the ULTRAZONE staff family, will always remain a very fortunate group.  Day after day we were continually surrounded by laughter and happiness.

The ZONE was a special place- more than just laser tag, although all of the staff love to play laser tag against each other.  For us it was about the connection to the player.  With friendly and absurdly outgoing personalities, for us interacting with guests was just the best of life.  Whether it was the 7 year old who would arrive and proudly announce that he or she was finally old enough to play, or the corporate visitor who would reluctantly agree to play- only to return to the lobby after the game screaming and laughing or the teenage player who seemed to actually live at ULTRAZONE- it was so wonderful.   We all so loved working at ULTRAZONE- laughing with each other all day and night.  Players could feel that, and it made for such memorable and unique moments.

We hope you had an opportunity to play.  If not then ask a friend or two about when they played- we bet they’ll have a great memory to share.

It was a wonderful  privilege to have helped create so many happy memories for so many of our San Diego friends!.    4 1/2  million people will always be able to reminisce and say “Hey, I went to ULTRAZONE back in the day and got to PLAY THE GAME THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  The place was amazing!.”

Share you memories of your visits and remember to always capture your opponents bases for a great score.

Your ULTRAZONE staff

LATE NIGHT AT THE ZONE - Just Got a Little Less Late

A Late Night Legend in San Diego now starts earlier! ALL GAMES $6.50!

The Mystery of the Crystal Jewel- New Arena Discovery

A new Arena element was recently unearthed during a routine investigation of the underground city. The 2 locations of the elements have been mapped, We will offer more insights at your next visit to the ZONE.

Played Tag With Your Colleagues Lately

The business community continues to turn to the nocturnal world of ULTRAZONE for their major event needs. Our San Diego corporate event and team building program has really reached new levels of popularity. We continue to be flattered by the letters of appreciation and complimentary comments that come our way.



After removing more gum from the lobby and briefing room carpet than you could even possibly imagine (we’re talking many hundreds of ugly carpet gum messes each year), we’ve decided that WE’RE DONE WITH GUM.  That’s right you and your gum will have to part company BEFORE you enter ULTRAZONE. There’s a really nice, large cement trash receptacle near the front door, so just gear yourself up to spit that bad boy into the can.

 So remember gum and ULTRAZONE don’t mix!

Bases Are Now Lit!

Having trouble finding your opponents’ bases? We’ve taken pity on your lack of skills and added flashing lights to indicate the color of each base.

So absolutely no more whining “I couldn’t find the bases!”

“The Gateway” Is Discovered

“The Gateway” was recently discovered during a routine exploration of the Eastern portion of The ZONE (The Subterranean City of the Far Future). As the ZONE squad approached a darkened area, Iron Doors suddenly opened revealing a “Gateway” into a large fog filled grotto, with a series of paths leading to the surface of the planet. Later, as the squad reentered The ZONE, the Iron Doors closed behind them indicating that “The Gateway” can only be opened from the interior! Further exploration is planned.

We Love Us Some Active Lifestyle Nerds

Ok, so there is no competition for our and especially Steve’s  absolute favorite San Diego Meet-Up Group!.  Year after year the Nerd gang would post “Laser Tag and Steve” 5:00pm on a weekend and just roll in.  This crew will always be a part of ZONE lore!

Wow Did We Love Easter or What- Truly Irreverent Bliss!

Pick your favorite Easter Art  Piece

Our Lovable Eggs

Rising From the Dead To “Play the Game That will Change Your Life”

Halloween- Our Kind of Holiday- Your Love-Hate Relationship with the ZONE Clowns

Here are the “boys”

Every year amazing decorations in the Lobby and lots and lots of Clowns!

The Famous Bunny, Bunnyette an ZONE clown

Forever getting into mischief and offer entertaining comments.

Here are some of our all time favs.




And then there Was Our Epic Christmas Piece!

As we came together in our holiday spirit decorated lobby we offered our own special manger scene

One Hour Endurance Games- 60 Minutes of Action

So we started having these games many years ago, the night before holidays, maybe every other week during summer and they always sold out– just how crazy is that.  They would start typically right after we closed  at 10:00pm.  We remember the phones calls, “Are there any spots left for tonight’s ENDURANCE?”  Here’s a flyer with a favorite staff person-  “G”= Guillermo

College Sorority, Fraternity & Student Organizations Huge Events

These large group events were always fabulous fun.  We’d have from 30 to 150 for laser tag, DJ’s, food

The photo ops were crazy- what college student doesn’t love the camera.  Fortunately we had our  own resource-“Frat-Boy Steve” to help get things organized


Laser Tag Birthday Party! - Ultrazone

Indoor Activites San Diego Group - Ultrazone

Laser Tag Birthday In San Diego - Ultrazone



Here Are Some of Our Favorite Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years took great pride in responding to questions, however inane, with a cynical, but loving tone. Now that hazard sign is not to be taken lightly. If you don’t have a decent sense of humor, just skip this section.

Are there clothing restrictions?

Yes we prefer you wear clothes.  Backless sandals are frowned upon due to traction issues on the ramps to the upper decks, but if that’s all you have with you then no problem. We really recommend tie-shoes of the athletic type. Also, the infamous “athletic t-shirt” (you know the muscle type/”_______ beater” shirt) is a poor choice as they look ridiculous on guys. Save them for the gym or the beach or better yet just throw them out.

Can I be on the same team as my friend?

Better question, does your friend want you on his team? Are you any good? Anyway, we do our absolute best to put friends on the same team. Just tell your game master during the briefing that you have some people that want to be on the same team; but just as in life, there are no guarantees (how poignant) because we have to make even teams, both in size and skill level.

Aggravating player question formed into a statement: “My Laser Wasn’t Working for Most of The Game”

(Overheard as an angry complaint to front counter staff at the end of a game) This is an accusation and/or explanation, typically by adult players and rarely by children, for poor game play and a resulting lousy score. In actuality, this is really indicative of a failure by that player to take personal responsibility for his/her own poor play. Here’s a news flash for you. Your laser wasn’t working because 1) you didn’t use two hands on the laser; or 2) you were just getting lit-up for most of the game or 3)because you simply suck at laser tag!

Are the lasers safe?

Another question we love.  Years ago a prominent dermatologist asked if he could borrow our lasers for dermabrasion, and skin peels; but unfortunately we need all the equipment on site for regular play.  However, with our new equipment, we do have the ability to crank the laser beams to high power industrial-level, but not too often as the beams damage walls etc.

Just kidding. Duh, of course the lasers are safe. Think about it. Over 3 million players over 20 years equals safe equipment. Our lasers seem powerful because they are used in a darkened, fog filled, and themed environment.

Tedious player question - “How Much Time Is Left In The Game? Also When is the Next Game”?

Question asked to front counter staff typically every 45 to 90 seconds by agitated players in the lobby.  These players have proven themselves, despite our extensive efforts to comfort them, to be either 1) maddeningly unable to tell time or; 2) in desperate need of constant reassurance that in terms of the universe’s space/time continuum, time does continue to move forward at its 60 seconds per minute pace, even when one is waiting for the next game.

What is Worlds I?

In August of 2003 we hosted the first ever international laser tag tournament, “Worlds I.”  It featured 12 teams traveling from Sweden, Finland, Canada and the USA.  The tournament lasted 4 nights where the games and preliminary events would be played from 11pm to 6am.  We were witness to the most amazing level of laser tag play possible.

Are You Guys Hiring?

Over the years we faced that the whole working for pay thing seemed to be a lost concept.  Most applicants embrace the philosophy that they would be doing us a favor by even arriving at work.  Hence, the maddening process-

Did You Guys Just Open=How Long Have You Been Here?

Asked as recently as last year.  Out reply was most often- “What’s the deal bro, you been held in captivity for 20 years?

August 24, 1995

Who's That Artist Guy That Did All That Amazing Original Art at The ZONE

That would be our dear friend Mr. Alan,  (of Disneyland fame) as shown here in his ever present white T-Shirt.  For 20 years, he really made the ZONE come to life with his “forced perspective” scenic images

What's A Target Anyway?

Ah- targets, of which there were 50 of them, were distributed throughout The Arena.  Very popular with players, they were a guaranteed road to a great score.

What's Up With Those Game Stations?

Yet another Arena feature! So we had 3 of these bad-boys on pedestal stands, also know affectionally by players as “Power Stations.”  They would automatically recognize you pack (aka vest) by your player name and then display a screen offering you one of several player powers-

  • Invincibility
  • Shields
  • Rapid fire
  • Stealth- your pack lights turn off
  • “Relay Bounce”-you could tag 4-6 players standing together with a single phaser tag


Where's The Old School Posters? Let's Go Way, Way Back In Time

Here’s a gift for all the old school players who sent us the 100’s of Instagram and Facebook posts-

Remember when-



It's time to get impressed

Check out some of the companies/corporations that participated in our team building program