3146 Sports Arena Blvd. Suite 21
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 221 - 0100
san diego ultrazone
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The Lobby

ULTRAZONE San Diego is a subterranean city of the far future. As you enter the lobby you will encounter the surface level of the planet, filled with metal superstructure and the outcroppings of rockwork jutting out from the city below.

You enter the briefing room and immediately notice the change in temperature and loss of natural light as you begin to go below ground. Pipes and metalwork, obviously serving some functional purpose to support life below ground, begin to serve as the dominant scene in all directions.

The Vesting Room The vesting room offers the dramatic sense that you have left the city's surface behind, and that your surroundings will be illuminated solely by ultra-violet light sources. You find your equipment waiting on racks, flashing and ready to go.

The Yellow Base After final instructions, doors swing open and the three squads flood into the subterranean, bio-mechanical level of the city. Each squad has a critical component of the city to defend: Blue - a pipe-strewn, water recovery system; Red - a pulsing thermal generator; and finally Yellow - a massive air purification structure.

The dominant feature now is the unknown layout and multi-level play. The experience of maneuvering through mazes and passageways, up and down ramps from one upper deck to the next, constantly aware that you are exposed from unseen areas and from different levels of elevation is indescribable. We have been flattered with praise from players from all over the country that our arena is the most thrilling they have ever experienced - it has to be seen, better yet played, to be believed.