Team building defined

1-Ability to identify and motivate individual employees to form a team that stays together, works together, and achieves together. 

2- It involves undertaking various activities that improve the overall performance of the team.  

3-The purpose of team building exercises is to assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can effectively work together to complete tasks.

So welcome to the definition of ULTRAZONE.

ULTRAZONE is a natural team-building experience.  Our laser tag game play will intrinsically offer an opportunity for “team” interaction and development.  Camaraderie, communication, and the simple enjoyment of positive group interaction are an expected consequence of ULTRAZONE team game play.

In many instances, a company or organization needs a unique setting for a day away from the office where employees can experience a shared group encounter.  Communication and teamwork are essential to productivity in any business.  Staff could become isolated and lose sight of the support system around them.  Maybe the goal is to recover from burnout, stress, or end-of-project exhaustion.  Perhaps it is time to take an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments!  Our follow-up evaluations indicate that participation in such a unique and thrilling adventure will enhance the prospects of staff harmony upon your return to work.

All team building programs are tailored to the needs of each specific group.


 The program typically involves three to four games of ULTRAZONE laser tag.

  1. Players receive a game briefing where they are offered basic instruction for game play.  At the end of the game scores are posted and each player receives an individualized, comprehensive scorecard detailing individual and team performance.
  2. Using scorecards for analysis, ULTRAZONE staff meet with each team and facilitate the development of next game strategy.  The degree of structure for this component varies with each group.  Sometimes, it’s about sharing the moment; in other instances more specific team goals have been delineated.
  3. If the strategies formed for Game 2 are successful a marked improvement in team score is evident.  ULTRAZONE staff meet with the teams a second time and take a less direct role. Instead they elicit these skills from the players and guide them toward the their agreed  goals.
  4. In larger groups, a fourth game is played with the top three teams vying for overall victory.


laser tag dummy scorecard

Download the UZ-Analyze Your Game Scorecard



Team Building events involve an Own The ZONE pricing component, detailed below.

Each event is unique so we resort to the old fashioned spoken word, meaning we want to determine your group’s needs. We would want to discuss the size of your group and any key elements for the event. Then we factor in what’s most important to you. Is it budget, a business group goal, or maybe an essential day and time for the event?

  • Group Event- “Own The ZONE”  Hourly Rental.  We are closed to the public with exclusive use of the entire facility.  This event is by far the most popular Team Building Event and includes all  the team building features  described above. This assumes a traditional itinerary and adequate time is allotted. Fees are based on the time of day and the day of the week- starting at $500.00 per hour.  The best price is typically immediately before we open or immediately after we close.  We can close early or open late for your event.  We can offer helpful suggestion to best use you budget within the  time allotted.


  • Group Event – Exclusive Game Play. If you have a smaller group and/or do not want an hourly rental, we need to clearly understand your expectations for the team building component of your visit. Given that we are open for walk-in play during your event, we are unable to provide all the Team Building components described earlier.  We have found that this is a pure camaraderie.  Hey we guaranteeing  you incredible fun- remember all that great energy always gets taken back to the workplace. You already know that the game price is $9.00 per person per game. Most team building events want their group to be the only players in the game, which leads us to exclusive use games. We typically require 25+ players for exclusive games. However, some groups have very flexible schedules, which enables us to get creative in the player requirement.



Since we first opened in 1995, many individuals and groups have celebrated their experience at ULTRAZONE by offering us kind words of praise that attempted capture the thrill and excitement of their special ZONE MOMENT.  With our new website launch we started a new list.

Want to tell us about your special ZONE MOMENT? Just email us through the “Contact ” section, selecting “Random Comments” and relate your fun time at The ZONE. We will omit your name but still note a hint of who you are.