Exclusive Laser Tag Games

Your group is the only one in the arena during your game! This is a game buy-out. The facility is open for regular business, but you get to play with just your group. We typically require a 30 person guarantee (we play up to 36 in a game); but you never know we might lower this guarantee depending on your numbers and on our mood- pretty business-like approach.


OWN THE ZONE Hourly Rentals

Ah, ULTRAZONE heaven.  This is an hourly rental program of exclusive use of the entire facility. It means we are closed to the public and privatize the whole arena and party area just for your group. We will create special programs and game formats just for your group.  It is not uncommon for us to host large groups up to 120 guests in this program.  Youth Group after hours Lock-Ins love this option.  We  can also incorporate a food package and even help arrange catering.


Price is determined by the day and time chosen for your event.  A manager will discuss all pricing options at the time of your call


A formal reservation with a manager is required for these events.



Since we first opened in 1995, many individuals and groups have celebrated their experience at ULTRAZONE by offering us kind words of praise that attempted capture the thrill and excitement of their special ZONE MOMENT.  With our new website launch we started a new list.

Want to tell us about your special ZONE MOMENT? Just email us through the “Contact ” section, selecting “Random Comments” and relate your fun time at the ZONE. We will omit your name but still note a hint of who you are.