Friends, Friends, Friends: You Can Never Have Too Many

For the friends option you probably consider a “group” to be you and a few friends, but for us that’s simply  a great bunch of players ready to ready to have fun.  A manager can discuss the action on the day you want to come down. We take courtesy reservations for groups of 15 players or more.  If you want to avoid a wait on a certain day, just come down earlier and we can “pre-sell” your group of friends into a specific game slot later that day.

ALERT HARD CORE POLICY: There are no refunds or game time exchanges for “Pre-Sell” games. That means if you miss the game, you lose your money.      Ouch!


Business & Corporate Events:  Get Out And Have Fun Together

Well you are ready for a fun company outing and perhaps some food.  You may even be interested in our Team Building program detailed below.  Contact a manager at ULTRAZONE and we will gather basic information like:

  • Preferred day and time;
  • How many players;
  • Budget;
  • If this a celebration like a product release or company holiday party.

You many want some level of exclusive use of our laser tag arena for you corporate events, which is detailed in our “OWN THE ZONE” program below.  Catering is easily accommodated or we can bring in a simple pizza and dessert package.

We are proud to say that feedback from businesses that have organized events with us is that an ULTRAZONE event is unique.  We can play up to 36 players in a game which equals a genuine shared experience.  When your number exceeds 36, say up to 120, we have game rotation structures to insure everyone gets to play against their co-workers.  Because of these qualities huge organizations like Qualcomm have made ULTRAZONE their venue of choice for group events and team building in San Diego.

Non-Profit Groups

  • Youth Groups
  • Schools
  • Sports teams
  • Camps
  • Boy & Girl Scouts
  • College clubs
  • Sororities and Fraternities
  • Charitable Groups
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • End of Season Celebrations

Since we opened in 1995 we have continued to be a resource for nonprofit groups of all sizes.  We have many loyal groups that have visited us for years which has enabled us to plan events for groups of all sizes.  It might be a youth group bonding event or an end of season celebration with food and an award ceremony with lots of family members attending.  Our afterhours “Lock-Ins” are also really popular.

While we have listed basic pricing below, it is really important that you let us know about any special financial circumstances so we can make an effort to help.  We have many “Friends of the ZONE” who know they can count upon us to aid as long as we are aware of the situation.  We take reservations for any size of this type of group.  As your numbers increase you will want to consider our OWN THE ZONE options.



  • Friends and For Profit Groups

o   Regular pricing: like you can’t afford $9.00 per person per game or our 3-Game Package for $24.00 per player.

o   ALERT– we’re always excited to have a fun chat, so we might reward an entertaining phone call with a promotional moment!

  • Non- Profit groups

o   Monday Through Thursday = always $8.00 per game.  Weekends- let’s talk about this!

o   Youth leaders always play as our guests (hey let’s not get too crazy with this)

o   Funds low or special financial issue for this visit: just tell us what’s up and we’ll try to help.


Ready to book your next laser tag group event at ULTRAZONE? Contact us by phone (619) 221-0100 or email us.