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birthday parties

It's the birthday event of a lifetime...the party all of San Diego is raving about. We do all the work, and your only job is to point, aim and occasionally duck.

After hosting over 20,000 birthday parties, we've perfected the art of having a good time.

Here's the Deal:
Two games of ULTRAZONE per guest
All party set-up and serving supplies
Genuine Domino's Pizza
Soft drinks and/or bottled water is provided for members of the party
Party favor 2 for 1 passes for a future date for all guests
Birthday present of 2 free games for a future date
An ULTRAZONE Game Master hosts your party from the moment you arrive- we run the game AND serve the food. You have no responsibility while you are with us- just enjoy yourself as we take care of all the details.


As for pricing, we have an 8-person party minimum package price and you then can add as many people to that as you like. The price for the 8-person minimum package is $198.00 plus tax and then every additional person over the 8 is $21.00 plus tax*. We have parties of all sizes every day, from 8 all the way up to filling a game at 36 guests. At the time that you book a birthday party reservation, we will ask you to tell us the number of guests that you are inviting in order to determine if we can accommodate your group on the day and time that you prefer.

Birthdays are a special part of the ULTRAZONE experience. We take a lot of extra care in the reservation process to make certain that all the details are clear and that you are comfortable that we have everything organized. We are especially careful in clarifying the number of guests that you intend to have at your party. This formal reservation can be made by telephone or in person. A credit card deposit guarantee is required for all birthday party reservations.

CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS- Once you have made your reservation you must speak only with a manager to make any changes to it or to cancel it. The cancellation & change policy deadline for our birthday party package is ten (10) days prior to the party. Cancellations made after that date will result in you paying the cancellation penalty that you agreed to at the time you booked the original reservation. We know that this policy may seem rather strict and unforgiving, which would be an accurate observation. After 15 years we have found that the only way we can insure the smooth operation of our birthday party program is to implement clear guideline. Once you have the party we know you will appreciate our adherence to our policies.

As for the day of the party, remember that this is a hosted event- we provide absolutely everything that you need and we do everything that a good host should do.

A specific ULTRAZONE staff person is assigned to your party to run the games and serve the food. All you do when you arrive is come to the front counter and introduce yourself, and we’ll take over from there. We look forward to answering all your questions when you call. We’re very proud of the reputation that our parties have throughout San Diego- we hope that you choose to Enter the Party ZONE!

In our effort to make the party process easier for parents, we've added a BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATION to the website. We know that invitations come in many sizes; but after lots of conversations with parents, we chose an invitation that prints out as 8/1/2 x 11- so they'll fit nicely in a standard #10 envelope that you supply. All you have to do is write in the details and mail it.

Click here for a printable version of the ULTRAZONE Birthday Party Invitation.

We’ve expanded some options to make this Invitation more useful for you. You are able to type your details into the invitation and save it for printing or send out via email.

Here’s how to do it:
  1. Click on the link to the invitation above.
  2. Enter your information and then click on the save icon in the top left.
  3. Save the file to your computer.
  4. Find the file on your computer and open it.

You are all set to print as many copies as you want or attach your new document to an email and send it out. For a quick way to attach the document to an email select "Attach to Email..." from the File menu.

Adobe's FREE PDF Reader is a printable document format that allows you to print documents to the maximum quality available to you. Click here to get the FREE PDF reader.




Birthday Party Package BONUS- Play a Third Game For Free!!!

As part of our “Weekday Markdown” promotion, we’re offering an out-of-control value on birthday parties scheduled on Monday through Friday. All party participants get to play a free third game-- for an 8 person party this is a $56.00 bonus value- wow!
NOTE: Sorry, but this special value is NOT AVAILABLE during any holiday periods.

Another Party Deal . . . this is crazy!!!

O. .M. . G!!!!! Kim declares "I want more great deals for our party parents!"

For a limited time all parties booked before 2pm on Saturday and Sunday get the "Birthday Party Package BONUS"- Play A Third Game For Free!!!

All party participants get to play a free third game-- for an 8 person party this is a $56.00 bonus value- wow!

We are not certain what's come over Kim, but we're just going with it- so jump on this deal while it lasts

After every Birthday Party at the ZONE we always request feedback from the "always happy" parents. Of course we realize that you assume we tossed all the bad ones, but actually there really aren't any bad ones- just different degrees of stellar ones--our lack of modesty is noted! Read a few recent ones.

Hey, birthday parties aren't the only way to Enter The Party Zone - we help groups celebrate all kinds of events. From end of soccer season victory parties to corporate get acquainted fun nights, we know how to have a good time!

AGE RESTRICTION: Please note that all guests must be at least 7 years old to play ULTRAZONE.