Annual Memberships

Laser Tag Membership at ULTRAZONE is the ultimate way to be recognized as part of the ZONE Empire, and to be recognized as a real member of the ZONE.

Nexus Gen 2 Pro Laser Tag System - Ultrazone

Memberships come in the form of smart buttons, and they are the real key to having your own identity at ULTRAZONE. They are little indestructible (defined as having survived numerous trips through washing machine cycles) electronic devices that tell us all about you and your game play at ULTRAZONE.

You keep them on your key chain or on the cool neck chains that we give you as part of the membership package.  You use them to “Log On” to your pack at the beginning of every game that you play. The pack then recognizes you by your name or by a player alias of your choice like “ZONESTAR”.

No more regular pack ID name for you with the membership, because you have a real identity at ULTRAZONE.  Now, for the really exciting aspects of membership: at the end of the game your name or alias comes up on the giant score monitors; we identify your scorecard by your name or alias.

Remember Membership is not to be confused with Game Play costs. You still have to give us the cash when you want to buy a game. Excellent!


Annual Zone Membership: $25.00